May you give some. May you get some.

Hope Dec 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day, to the single, divorced, engaged, married, and widowed, to those in a committed relationship, and those who face the world on their own every day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us, because though we don’t need one day a year to remind us to celebrate the love, spread the love, and share the love, it’s nice that we do. It’s also nice that it’s not just about romantic love, but about love in general, how we treat one another, our parents, and children, and siblings, our friends. It’s about how we treat strangers, and how we treat ourselves, and our furry family members. Maybe it’s just a carry-over from my hippie days, but I’ve always believed that life is all about the love, and I always will. When I was in the depth of teenage angst, at 14, I wrote, “It doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.” I thought it was so original and profound. Later I found out that millions of people had written down the same “original, profound” thought. Though I’m not a simpleton, I’m still simplistic, because I stand by that statement, the answer is always Love.  May you give some every day. It will be returned. If you don’t believe me, get a dog. He/she’ll be happy to teach you how this works.


About Ruth Knox

Freelance writer, published in the Canadian and U.S. market. Magazine articles, newspaper columns, guest columns, the arts community, poetry in literary venues, essays in anthologies, published in 4 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, cover story about The Treasure Valley Roller Girls in Idaho Magazine. Now in the editing stage of my non-fiction book for family caregivers, Caregiver's Quilt, a book of companionship, inspiration, laughter, and resources, encouraging caregivers to take good care of themselves too. Now living in Boise ID presently freelancing while working on my book. Member of Idaho Writers' Guild, The Cabin,and National Federation of Press Women. Interests which I like to write about include living a fabulous mid-life, spiritual growth, the writing journey, living joyfully, and finding meaningful connection.
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5 Responses to May you give some. May you get some.

  1. Richard Knox says:

    Oh, my sweet love. I am so lucky to have both you and the Hope dog in my life.

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  2. Kitty Fleischman says:

    Beautiful sentiment, Ruth, and oh, so true. I gave my old boss in Nome a dog, and sometimes, if he was feeling down, he’d go out the door, walk down the street, and come back just so Pica would go crazy telling him how much he loved him.

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  3. Randy says:

    Love it so you! Such a special lady and special friend you have become!!!


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