My Book Review of A Broom of One’s Own by Nancy Peacock

A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning, and LifeA Broom of One’s Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning, and Life by Nancy Peacock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I devoured this book, too quickly really. Then I read it again, more slowly this time, so I could savor it, roll the ideas around on my tongue. This time I read some of the more delicious phrases out loud, enjoying them with not only my heart and mind, but with my ears as well. I gulped it down in the first read because I was thirsty for a book like this. It spoke to me with compelling honesty, and I couldn’t put it down, not even to sleep. The allure was the straight forward clarity in not only the thoughts and feelings author, Nancy Peacock laid bare, but in her delightful word play.

One of my favorites: “Even with a room of my own, writing is not a separate enterprise. It is not a jewel I keep in a velvet box and take out only when conditions are perfect. Writing is more like the yellow rubber gloves I pull on every day. I need my gloves to keep my hands from getting too dry. And I need my writing to keep my life and my mind moist and supple.” And who could resist this chapter title, “Ecstatically Cleaning the Toilet”?

By the time I finished reading this book for the second time, I vowed I would read everything this author ever writes. So far I have enjoyed Home Across The Road, and Life Without Water, both thoroughly engaging reads. As with this book, I couldn’t put them down. I’m catching up on my sleep because I can’t wait for the next one.

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