The Powerful Voice of Women

There has never been a time in history when women could make such a difference in the world. All our sisters before us paved the way for this. The suffragette, the women who went to work in the munitions factories during WWII, the women who took over the jobs men used to do. And when the war was over, refused to be stuffed back into the kitchen, and kept their jobs. These women worked full time jobs and then came home to clean house, raise children, take care of familial obligations. They all made room for us, for this point in history.

We have at our disposal the internet, our gateway to the universe. It has the power to save us from isolation in a sometimes impersonal world. We have Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, and so much more. We have blogs, and opinion polls, and we can say whatever we feel needs to be said. We are not barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. We are running marathons, heading up corporations, writing best sellers, designing buildings, and even spearheading movements. We are the voice of change, and together we are a powerful force.

We need to shrug off the cloak of what we’ve been taught a “lady” is, we need to run naked against the wind, and laugh in the face of the storm. We need to reinvent who we are, from the inside out. We need to forget what we’ve been told, and define ourselves using our own inner knowing, and speak with a voice that is not tentative and trembling, but bold and powerful. We need to trust our own thoughts and feelings. We need to test our daily actions and ways of being in the world, against how they feel in that deep center within us all. We need to use our powerful woman-force to effect change in the world. And don’t give me that “what can one woman do” crap. A woman can do by being who she truly is, and speaking her truth. We need to speak it with passion, and humor, and conviction, because it is the only voice we have, and one woman who is speaking from this place, from this center of her true being, is a force greater than everything else around her.

Being a lady is for sissies. Being a strong person in our own right is our true place in this world. With this understanding, we can unite with other women, and become unstoppable. That is our birthright. That is our purpose. Let no one tell you otherwise. We don’t need permission to be who we are and do what we love. We are the ultimate authority in our lives. No one, not parents, nor spouses, nor friends, nor siblings, has the right to force us to do or be something that we are not.

We are not victims of circumstance. We all have unfortunate things happen to us, we all feel trapped  in our lives at times, like there is no way out. But ultimately, it is our desire that will deliver us, so we need to keep the faith, because giving up is our worst enemy. There is always something we can do. It might not be ideal, it might not be what we would ask for if we had a fairy godmother waving a magic wand, but it is something.  Let’s start there.


About Ruth Knox

Freelance writer, published in the Canadian and U.S. market. Magazine articles, newspaper columns, guest columns, the arts community, poetry in literary venues, essays in anthologies, published in 4 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, cover story about The Treasure Valley Roller Girls in Idaho Magazine. Now in the editing stage of my non-fiction book for family caregivers, Caregiver's Quilt, a book of companionship, inspiration, laughter, and resources, encouraging caregivers to take good care of themselves too. Now living in Boise ID presently freelancing while working on my book. Member of Idaho Writers' Guild, The Cabin,and National Federation of Press Women. Interests which I like to write about include living a fabulous mid-life, spiritual growth, the writing journey, living joyfully, and finding meaningful connection.
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6 Responses to The Powerful Voice of Women

  1. Candy says:

    That was great Ruth. Your such a beautiful writer. Thank you❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on xochitlninetails and commented:
    I am happy to be your FB friend!


  3. daleymuse says:

    Excellent. Well said, Ruth!

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